Staffzapp.com (Owned & Operated by Panobiz Business Technologies Pvt Ltd) is focused on offering multiple services in the field of talent hiring & team building for SMEs & Large Corporates.

Promoted by senior & top management executives from reputed corporates, the company provides quality talent to fit the client needs

In an innovative step towards meeting the client needs of large corporates, the company also undertakes sales management assignments where a sales team is built as required by the client and sales are managed on a day to day basis. Staffzapp currently assists one of the most reputed private sector organizations by managing a team of about 300 sales people across India, on a daily basis.

The Services Offered

Staffzapp.com understands the varying needs of the SMEs & Large corporates and therefore offers services focused at addressing each of these needs.

Permanent Recruitment

Staffzapp.com has team of recruiters who work on your requirement to get the apt candidate. The senior recruiters use their industry expertise, experience and knowledge levels to understand a candidate better not only by way of discussions but also through their network of contacts in the industry to get a deeper insight into the candidate before shortlisting and proposing the candidate to the client.

We understand that in this competitive busy world , time is the key. We ensure timely delivery.


The best way to find your dream job is to let the job find you.

At staffzapp.com, with our growing employer clientele and a team of fitment managers on the job matching you to the jobs at hand, we strive to get you the job you seek.


The best way to manage your HR work is to leave it to us.

At staffzapp.com, the team is positive that our services can meet your needs, every time in the right time.


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